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03/05/2018 12:08 pm

Frequently Asked Questions About Entry Level Laser Engraving Machines

Individuals and small business owners who have the need for an engraving machine can purchase an affordable entry level laser engraver. These machines offer professional results with laser engraver prices that are budget friendly. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about entry level laser machines.

What are entry level laser machines and what are their capabilities?

Entry level laser machines are designed and engineered for small business owners and hobbyists who need a laser engraver that's affordable. Even though the price is much lower than an industrial laser machine, they offer the same professional results with unparalleled accuracy and quality.

The standard features of these machine include an ample engraving area, a 65 watt laser tube, laser software, inline beam combiner for accurate engraving, auto focus, illuminated control panel and a vacuum table. Individuals can also customize their machine by adding or upgrading certain features.

How can individuals and business owners customize their machines to meet their needs?

Optional features that are available at affordable prices include a laser tube of 100 watts, water chiller, roller and rotary attachments, on-site installation and training, and a lens cleaning kit.The ability to customize laser engravers is an asset to small business owners and individuals who have the need for additional attachments or accessories. Those who purchase a laser engraving machine can also opt in for a two or three year extended warranty plan that covers parts and phone support when necessary.

Are entry level laser machines capable of engraving on various materials?

Purchasing entry level metal Laser engravers allows individuals and small business owners to laser cut a variety of materials. These include acrylic, wood, cardboard, foam, fiberglass and fabric. Marking and engraving can be carried out on additional materials, such as melamine, glass, tile, aluminum, titanium and steel. Laser engraving can be performed on cylindrical materials, such as glass, with the optional rotary attachment.

Business owners and individuals who are interested in an entry level laser machine can contact Boss Laser for machine specifications and pricing. These laser machines offer professional results at an affordable price. Machine customization and upgrades are also available and representatives can offer detailed information about these optional features.

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